Floral Print Boots

This is yet another tutorial and I take back what I said about not blogging as much as I did before…IT’S COMING BACK TO ME!!! So the in the picture it doesn’t really explain what to do in each step so I will copy and paste the instructions that came with the picture: (A Beautiful Mess, http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/01/floral-boots-diy.html)

Supplies Needed: Plain boots with laces, pretty fabric (note: use lightweight cotton- nothing too bulky or stiff), Glue, Mod Podge + an exacto knife.


1. Glue fabric to the part of you boots you’d like to cover. Brush the glue (or Mod Podge) on and let the fabric dry. One great thing about using a floral pattern is that you don’t have to be so exact about matching the pattern. Ours was pretty messy! 2-3. Use an exacto knife to cut around the edge of the boot. Take your time to cut clean lines. 4. Use Mod Podge to secure the edges of the fabric. This will keep them from fraying and make them boots more durable.


Remember to check out the link!

Anna 🙂


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